Object Constructors



AnimatedGif(name, num_frames)

name - the name of the animation + the name of the image/AnimatedImage()
num_frames - the number of frames in the animation


The following images


The following HTML

    <IMG SRC="images/name/0.gif" NAME="name">


This function creates an object to hold the animation frames and an object to hold the animated image. It is a quick way of defining an AnimatedImage() object and an AnimationFrames() object at the same time. Once defined it can be animated using any of the animation functions.


    AnimatedGif("home", 5);
    AnimatedGif("email", 5);
    AnimatedGif("links", 5);

    <IMG SRC="images/home/0.Gif" NAME="home");
    <IMG SRC="images/email/0.Gif" NAME="email");
    <IMG SRC="images/links/0.Gif" NAME="links");
    <A HREF="some_url"
        onMouseOut="turn_off('home')>Some Link Text for Home</A>
    <A HREF="some_url"
        onMouseOut="turn_off('email')>Some Link Text for email</A>
    <A HREF="some_url"
        onMouseOut="turn_off('linksl')>Some Link Text for Links</A>