This manual is for animate2.js. In order to use Animated Rollovers in your WEB pages you will need to download the file animate2.js and create a link to it in the HEAD section of your HTML document. You can download animate2.js from the home page. To create a link in your document, include the following :-

     <!-- *** Animated Rollovers by Roy Whittle. *** -->
    <script language="JavaScript" src="javascript/animate2.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

The important part is SRC="javascript/animate2.js". This links to where the file animate2.js has been uploaded on your server. If you don't want to put animate2.js in a folder, then change this to SRC="animate2.js".

Throughout this manual the following color coding convention has been used.

ani_name - This color is used for AnimationFrames() objects.
img_name - This color is used for AnimatedImage() objects.
name - This color is used when ani_name and img_name are the same.
12 - This color is used when a numeric value is required.
BoldText - This indicates a link.


Objects This explains how objects are used to create Animated Rollovers. It explains why there are 2 objects for an animated rollovers and not just one. It also explains the relationship of the Animated Rollover objects and the image in the document that is animated.
Functions This explains how the functions in Animated Rollover relate to simple Image Swap rollovers.
HTML Formatting This is a guide on how to recognise how whitespace in an HTML document can effect the layout.

Object Constructors

AnimationFrames(ani_name, num_frames, ext)
AnimatedImage(img_name, ani_name)
AnimatedGif(name, num_frames)
AnimatedJpg(name, num_frames)


turn_on(img_name, ani_name)
turn_off(img_name, ani_name)
animate_to(frame_no, img_name)
(frame_no, img_name)
(frame_no, img_name)