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On this page are links to sites that are using scripts from this site.
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Animated Rollovers

These sites use animated rollovers for navigation.

Link Description
DrBelly's Homepage This page uses the animate_upto() function of Animated Rollovers to create a very cool rotating color image rollover. The site also make use of the Text Fader.
Link2, Link3, Link4, Link5, Link6.
These links show how animated rollovers can look professionally designed WEB pages pages
MDF Computing Brought to you by Nelson Quimby of The index page uses normal animations for rollovers but check out the "Services" Link (Ring the bell).
Metals This site uses an adaptation of the opening doors script. Bullet point soccer balls that rotate on mouse over of the link. A very unusual navigation menu.
Search And Rescue Association Uses the animated globe interface for a navigation tool.
Lone Star After you click on the "Enter" button the bottom navbar is animated.
TidalWave's Page A navigation menu that consists of animated scrolls. After the initial splash screen the clay pigeons explode as you mouseover the link.

Text Fader

These sites use the animated text fader for link descriptions.

Link Description
RAF Valley A nice clean design that uses the fader to great effect.
Sealevel If you ever had problems getting more than one fader on a page to work, check out this link, it has over 70! on one page.

Netscape Hover

These sites use ns_hover.js so that the a:hover effect works in all browsers.

Link Description
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Fading Rollovers

These sites use JSFX.FadingRollovers.js (from javascript-fx) for their rollover navigation buttons.

Link Description

Ken Hablow Graphics

A professionally designed site that uses fading rollovers to great effect.


These sites use rollover.js for their rollover navigation buttons.

Link Description


No Current Links,