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All graphics on this site except the cartoons (and where stated) were created using Paint Shop Pro and Animation Shop
The Paint Shop Pro Interactive Zone - Tutorials, Resources, Classes, Help Forum, Showcase, Contests, Goodies, Activities
If you want great looking WEB graphics, look no further. Simply, some of the best Paint Shop Pro tutorials on the web!
A large collection of animated GIFs with thumbnail previews
Another large collection of animated GIFs with thumbnail previews.
Great web graphics. Used graphics from here for my first Homepage. (This was site was also the inspiration for animated rollovers)
An easy way to set up a guest book
This site is well organized and has some of the most interesting scripts on the WEB. They are all categorized and if you already know some JavaScript, this is one of the best places to advance your knowledge.
This used to be the best place on the WEB for learning JavasScript and for free scripts for your site. Unfortunately, since being taken over by Earthweb it has gone down hill. I still visit, hoping it will improve
Some very unique animations
Animations using JavaScript (Hey! That's me!)