Example Interfaces

Using Animated Rollovers

Link Description
Dragons This almost a copy of the example I posted to JavaScripts.com. It uses different Over and Out animations for the Dragons Heads. Plus the "RollOver" text is implemented as a 2 frame animation.
SideNav This uses animated transparent gifs overlaying a background image in a table. This minimizes bandwidth by only using 1 animation for all the navbar elements.
Fantasy I wanted to create a crystalball/fantasy effect and with the help of the people at the PSPIZ I created this interface. It is quite big and may take a long time to download, but then so do certain Flash animations. Check it out if you have the time.
Tecno I wanted to create a kind of tehno-gadget type interface but I don't think my PSP skills are quite up to it yet.
Navbar This is a navigation bar that stretches across the width of the browser window. I created the graphics using the PSP6 tutorials at www.dumlao.cc and then animated it myself.
Navbar2 The same navigation bar but with a different animation.