This script redirects all link onMouseOver events to one function. At the moment all the links have to be the same font&size. The script seems to work OK on NN4. For now, if you mouse over this link it should change colour. (You can choose the font, font-color, text-decoration and background colour) It will do so in NN4 and IE (although it is nothing new to IE users).
The next link is to show onClick still works; Clicking on it opens a dialog. Select OK and it opens a window to the site, select cancel and you don't.
Image This is to show the script does not affect images.
This is another link. It puts a message in the status bar (to show the default onMouseOver still works). Some Links to test with
Link No 1 Some Text Link No 2
Link No 3 Some Text Link No 4
Known Bugs:
- If you move the mouse too fast, sometimes a link will get left on. I cannot change the speed the script works. Maybe removing all the comments from the hover.js file may speed thing up. I don't know. Experiment.
- If the link is split over 2 lines it only highlights the second line.