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Instructions to create an animated text fader....

Step 1:
Put the following in the HEAD section of your document.

<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript" SRC="TextFader.js" ></SCRIPT>

Step 2:
Whenever you want a fading text area in your document you simply add the following...
<SCRIPT>document.write(TextFader("fade1", 10,"000000", "The default text", "0000FF"))</SCRIPT>
Where :-
"fade1" = the name of the TextFader area
10 = The number of steps in the fade
"000000" is the background color (Black in this case)
The following 2 parameters are optional but if you use a default text you must use a default text color.
"The default text" This is the default text to display.
"0000FF" This is the default text color (blue in this case)
You still need to make sure there is enough "blank" space around the fader to display your text. I have done this on this page by placing the fading text areas in the cells of a table.

For example,
<SCRIPT>document.write(TextFader("fade1", 5, "000000"))</SCRIPT>

Step 3:
Add the onMouseOver and onMouseOut to your links like this
onMouseOver="fade_up('fade1','This is the text to display','FF0000')"
fade1 = the name of the TextFader area
This is the text to display = The text to fade in/out
FF0000 is the color of the faded in text (RRGGBB)

For example
<A HREF="home.html"
    onMouseOver="fade_up('fade1','Using this script you can....','FF0000')"
    onMouseOut="fade_down('fade1')">Link 1</A>